We offer a wide variaty of tanning beds for you use.

We now have a Mystic Spray HD Tanning Booth at our Midvale Location

High Pressure: We have the Open Sun 1050 at the Midvale store and the Soltron Shark and Excellence 850 at the Taylorsville store.

Wolff: We have the Soltron xs-35 Kiss at the Midvale store and the Advantage 350 at the Taylorsville store.

Ruva: We have the Soltron Hot Pepper at the Midvale store and the S240 Touchdown at the Taylorsville store.

Ultra Ruva: We have the Sundash 240G at both the Midvale and Taylorsville stores.

Turbo: We have the Classic 600 and the Esprit 770 Red at the Midvale location and the Classic 600 Red at the Taylorsvile store.

Mystic Tan: The Mystic Tan is a booth you step into which evenly coats you in a sunless tanning solution in a matter of seconds. In just minutes you are dry enough to get dressed. Mystic has spent years perfecting the ideal application to ensure you get an even, natural-looking tan – every time. Our booth is equipped with our proprietary MagneTan™ Technology – ensuring that every particle of the TanningMyst™ or SkinSpa™ treatment adheres evenly to your entire body.